International scientific genetic conference "XXVI. GENETIC DAYS" 2014



to the conference " Genetic Days " will be connected courses for young researchers. More detailed information can be found on the conference website, which is constantly updated . The numbers of participants on these courses are limited.

1 ) LINEAR MODELS IN GENETIC EVALUATION : Two-day course ( 1. – 2. 9. 2014 ) focuses on the genetic evaluation, including genomic selection. The course consists of active work of participants with computer (system SAS). The course costs  2,100 CZK/80€ , student and participants from CULS 1 050 CZK /40 € .

2 ) MINI - COURSE ON POLYMORPHISM GENOTYPING DISCOVERY AND TECHNIQUES - A three-day course (1., 2., 5. 9. 2014), focused on advanced laboratory methods in molecular genetics. The course will be conducted in the laboratory. The course costs  8,000 CZK/300€.

More information about the courses can be found in attachments.
Pleas distribution this information to prospective participants.
In case, you are interested in any of these seminars, please, express your partakers of the training by the end of March an e -mail address .

Yours sincerely organizational committee
Luboš Vostrý
Josef Přibyl